How the products are made

All of our products that we sell are completely handmade, and we often get asked about what the term ‘decoupage’ actually means. So here is a little guide to show you how we create our bespoke products and the detail that goes into making each and every one of our tissue box covers, waste paper bins and trinket boxes.

What is decoupage?

In the simplest terms, decoupage means cutting out pictures, glueing them to an object and then coating them with layers of varnish. This is not to be confused with Papier-mâché which is when paper pulp is mixed with glue and smoothed onto an object to create a paper sculpture.

What tools are needed for decoupage?

The tools we use for decoupage are fairly basic. Scissors are used to cut the materials, and for when we need to cut intricate details we tend to use a craft knife to prevent the paper from tearing. We also have sponges to hand to wipe away any excess glue, and sandpaper just in case any of the layers of varnish aren’t as smooth as we would like.

Basic technique that we use

To begin with, we glue the boxes together in preparation and leave them overnight to dry. This gives the glue time to strengthen and hold the boxes in place. The edges are then routed using specialist equipment, making them clean and smooth with a perfect finish.

Once the edges have been routed, the boxes are then sprayed twice (both outside and inside), and are sanded down by hand. This makes both the inside and outside of the boxes nice and smooth, just like the edges. The final touch we add to the inside of the boxes is to paint them gold for that extravagant look.

Now comes the bespoke decoupage part. Once the box itself is prepared, we then stick the top layer of a napkin on the box. Each box is then coated 3 times, creating unique designs each time. Once the napkins are firmly in place, the boxes are varnished to create a lovely shine to the outer, as well as making the boxes nice and strong.

The last finishing touch is where we paint the under edge gold to match the inside of the box. And that is the process all of our boxes go through!

Please feel free to have a look at our extensive product range, and if you have any further questions on the process we use to create our products please contact us.