Our tribute to HM Elizabeth II

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For someone who came to the thrown at such a young age (25), she accepted a huge responsibility. On her 21st birthday, she said "I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service." I think we can all agree that her devotion and dedication has been unwavering.

Even as we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years after her ascension to the throne she was still as dedicated to public service as ever before. What endeared us even more to her majesty was her sense of humour. Two of our favourite moments were the Paddington Jam Sandwich sketch earlier this year marking 70 years of public service, and her 2012 Olympics appearance with James Bond (Daniel Craig).

As a British company that makes all of our products here, by hand in England and who can count the royal household of Balmoral as a valued customer, we are deeply saddened by the news of her majesty's passing.

Elizabeth II was an amazing lady who will be greatly missed not only by us, or all those in the commonwealth nations but by the world. She passed away at the age of 96, a little over a year after her husband, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. What is even more astounding is that the longest-serving British monarch would not have expected to be crowned queen at such a young age if not for the abdication of her uncle - Edward VIII when he married divorcee Wallis Simpson, an American socialite.

Elizabeth II was the queen of 16 independent sovereign states, known as the Commonwealth realms, and head of the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations. She was also the supreme governor of the Church of England. Elizabeth II's many historic visits and meetings with world leaders - including US presidents - helped cement Britain's "special relationship" with America.

As a business, we are blessed to have a wonderful client base in America and it's not inconceivable that this wouldn't have been possible if not for the dedication to building meaningful relationships by our sovereign.


Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. HM Elizabeth II - Rest in Peace. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service to us all.

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