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Your bedroom is a place where you can completely relax and unwind, and it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy day-to-day life. With this in mind, it is important that the interior decor of your bedroom reflects your personal style, but also provides this calming environment for you. After all, it is estimated that we spend at least a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so taking the time to choose how you style it is important.

When starting an interior design project, it is always a good idea to bring your ideas and colour schemes together on a moodboard. This allows you to start visualising how your bedroom will look, before you start to make big changes. Here are our top 5 ideas that can quickly transform your bedroom.

1. Start with colour schemes

Colour is always the best place to start. A bedroom should always be painted or wallpapered in soft, relaxing colours that reflect your personality. If purple is your favourite colour, think about using a more pastel lilac tone that isn’t quite so dark as a plum colour. 

You could always keep your walls nice and plain (magnolia is always a safe choice), and style your room with purple decor. Something like our lavender tissue box cover would not only match the purple scheme, but the lavender adds a sense of calm at the same time.

Lavender Tissue Box Cover | Crackpots

2. Consider a feature wall

Painting your whole bedroom one colour may seem a little daunting, and of course you need to make sure it is a colour that both you and your other half agree on. A feature wall is a great compromise, and is also a perfect way to add some texture - particularly if you opt for wallpaper.

If you aren’t wanting to decorate, you could even choose a textured, colourful headboard for your bed. Adding a hint of colour without going too over the top.

3. Add a statement rug

The feeling of a soft, fluffy rug underneath your toes is the best way to relax and feel at home. Warming up your feet as you step out of your bed, whilst adding some style to the room. Consider the size of the room when choosing your rug too. A large rug in a small room will make it feel clustered, whilst a small rug in a large room will look a little silly.

4. Remember to add storage spaces

Interior design can affect our mood, and it is known that a cluttered bedroom can bring with it a sense of anxiety and stress. Therefore it is always a good idea to have lots of storage space in the bedroom. Trinket boxes are a great addition to either a bedside table or a dressing table. They allow you to quickly pop those loose bits of jewellery together in one place, to stop you losing them.

Beds with integrated storage are a great choice if you have lots of clothes or shoes and not enough wardrobe space. Less is always more, so be sure to carefully think about how you are going to store your belongings in your bedroom when putting together your interior design plan.

Trinket Boxes - Various Designs | Crackpots

5. Try different bedding 

If you haven’t got the time to paint your walls in the colour scheme you have chosen for your bedroom, bed linen is a great way to show some of your personality. With so many different colours and styles out there, you are bound to find one that complements your ideas. 

Texture is another way to make your bedroom feel cosy and warm. Think about adding layers of colour with cushions and throws using different shades of the same colour. Oversized bed linen can help to make your bed look that little bit more luxurious and comfy. You won’t want to get out of it in the morning!

Reflect your personality

As with all interior design projects, this is a great opportunity for you to inject some of your personality into your surroundings. There are so many aspects to think about when redesigning your bedroom, but we hope this has given you a few ideas to get started with.

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