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Decorating your living room may seem like an arduous task. With the living room being a focal point for most family homes, there is a lot of pressure to make it ‘perfect’. It should be a balance of cosy, bright and also appeal to all members of the family. That is before you even begin to think about the furniture you currently have, and how that will fit into your new vision. To make your job a little bit easier we have put together a guide on interior design for living rooms.


Nothing feels more homely than the feel of a fluffy carpet or rug in-between your toes. Choosing the right rug, however, can be a challenge. It is often easy to find one that matches your style and the general decor of the room, but finding the right size rug is the main issue. If you choose a rug that is too small, it can change the entire feel of a room. The main thing to consider is what furniture is going to be placed on top of the rug, and choosing the right size for that.


Empty walls can make a room feel quite cold, and as if something is missing. Artwork can be anything from framed pictures of your family members, to stunning prints, or simply a feature wall with a pretty wallpaper design on it. You don’t need to spend much on brightening up the walls, and you can choose artwork that really reflects your personal style. There are lots of products available that match wallpaper too - our black lace tissue box cover, for example, would be the perfect addition to any modern living room.


A popular choice for most living rooms is an L-shaped corner sofa that you spread out and relax on. However, this large piece of furniture may be completely wrong for your living room. Look at the space you have and work with that, as opposed to choosing furniture you like without thinking about how it will fit into your living room. Arranging furniture is a job that requires planning, and it is always a good idea to draw some rough sketches so you can visualise the layout first. Consider creating a focal point where all members of the family can get together, and arrange the furniture with this in mind.

Colour schemes

Don’t be too tempted to quickly pick a paint colour and then go straight into painting your entire living room. Creating an interior design mood board is a great way to check that your furniture matches your paint colour before you dive straight in. Painting is a time-consuming task so you definitely don’t want to have to paint your living room twice due to choosing the wrong colour the first time round!

Interior Design Colour Swatches


Although you can easily add artificial light to brighten up your living room, you may also want to consider where your natural light flows in. There are three main types of light: ambient, task and accent, and all rooms should include a mixture of these. Whilst decorating your living room you may want to think about how you are going to add light at different levels too. Pick a central lampshade or chandelier that reflects the light in a pretty way, but also consider smaller table lamps if your living room is where you find yourself snuggling up and reading a book.

Look at others for inspiration

One of the best ways to start redesigning your living room is to have a browse on the internet. With so many different styles, colour schemes and furniture arrangements you can pick out what you like from each design. With many colourful accessories available, our friendly team can help match the perfect tissue box cover or waste paper bin to your design ideas, just contact us.

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