Living room decor for beginners

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The living room is the central room in any house. It is where you spend time relaxing with your family after a long day’s work, and a place where you entertain your guests. It goes without saying that getting the decor right in your living room is important. You want your living room to feel homely and cosy, whilst having a modern feel to it. Where do you start though? Here are some of our best tips on living room decor for beginners.

1. Don’t start by buying lots of new things

Your furniture forms the core of your living room, so before you even begin to think about interior design living room ideas, write down a list of furniture and accessories that you want to keep. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have designed your perfect new living room, but your favourite sofa doesn’t fit with the new theme.

2. Consider the key purpose of your living room

Think about the key function your living room provides. Are you regularly entertaining guests? Is the living room a place for chilling and watching TV? Do you have children who use the living room as their playroom? Of course you want your living room to look beautiful, but if it doesn’t work around your daily life, it will soon become a room that you dread going into. Interior design really does affect our lives, so it is best to spend time planning your ideal living room before you go ahead and make big changes.

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3. Think about colour coordination

Before you start applying paint to the wall, you need to be sure of the colours for your living room. An interior design mood board is a great place to start, and with lots of fresh ideas on Pinterest you will soon be able to start piecing together your inspiration. By having a visual reference of your colour palette it will make the whole interior design process much easier. You can quickly see what fabrics and textures will work with your colour scheme.

4. Size does matter

You need to take the size of your living room into consideration when looking at furniture and accessories. Whilst a small living room may have you thinking that you are best choosing lots of small accessories, you have to be careful to avoid adding too much clutter. A couple of larger pieces may actually make a small living room look larger.

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5. Add lights & accessories

Lights are the perfect way to brighten up any room in the house, and layering is a great way to add character. Think a mixture of floor lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps. By adding a hint of light at different levels you can really draw attention to particular areas of the living room, or even artwork you have hung up.

Accessories can completely transform a room, and as they are easy to change it means if you get bored of them it doesn’t matter too much! Try adding some Bohemian style to your living room with trinket boxes and embellishments.

We hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to decorate your living room, don’t forget to have a look at our collections for further inspiration.




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