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With children slowly going back to school and many businesses starting to open, your home can start returning to normal. You may realise you have accumulated quite a lot of clutter during lockdown, so here are some of our top organisational tips for getting your home back to normal again.

Toys & Kids Bedroom

Toys are the worst, no matter how many times you put them back into their specific boxes, they still seem to find their way out. The best thing to do is work out whether a toy is being used, and throw it out if it isn’t (you may want to do this when your children aren’t around though!).

For the toys that remain, you may want to put them into labelled storage boxes. Our waste paper bins also double up as great storage containers - this Hessian Aqua design is nice and plain to match any room.

Hessian Aqua Waste Paper Bin | Crackpots

Home Office 

With many of us working from home, the office hasn’t just become our work station, but also our haven. A place to escape from the family and children for a couple of hours on end. The office also tends to become a ‘dumping ground’ with paper and office supplies all over the place.

A great way to organise your office is to use baskets for storage. Find one that matches your interior colour palette and you won’t go far wrong. Of course for storing things on top of your desk we have a range of stunning pen pots to keep things tidy.



The kitchen is the heart of the home, even more so since lockdown. Whether it has been the children constantly looking for snacks whilst they have been at home, or the parents snacking their way through the working day, the kitchen has been busy! Try and keep as much surface space as possible so that when it comes to cooking you have lots of room to prepare food.

Every utensil and tool should have their own home, but don’t just throw things into drawers to keep them out of sight. There are lots of great, cheap utensil organisers out there that fit neatly into most kitchen cupboards. 

Living Room

Living rooms are such a multifunctional space and a hive of activity. We have already looked at interior design living room ideas, but how do you keep this space tidy? The first thing to do is walk around your living room and pick up anything that doesn’t belong there. Lots of things find their way in but never seem to leave unless they are put away properly! Shoes and boots that should be in the hall, flowers that are no longer looking their best should be binned, you get the jist.

A very simple step you can take is to simply put everything in order - straighten everything out and line it up. This includes correctly folding throws rather than just chucking them on the sofa, re-arranging books so they are in height order, and straightening up tables and chairs. Whilst you aren’t actually removing anything, a quick tidy can make your space feel more in control.

Just Spend 10 Minutes Tidying

Many people feel that they have to block out an entire day at the weekend in order to tidy their home, and then just keep putting off the task. Try breaking it down into 10 minute chunks of time instead. Focus on one small area of the house and you will be amazed how much you can organise within that time.

We hope you found this useful, be sure to have a read of our other blog posts for more home inspiration and ideas.

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